Day 10: A Book That Reminds You of Home


Okay, I’ve fallen behind and have missed posting on several days. I’m really bad at this meme thing. And I’m still trying to finish the book that I’m currently reading. I swear I’ll catch up soon. But anyway, I had a hard time thinking of a book for this category. What is home really? I’ve lived in several places and called a lot of places home. Right now I don’t know where my home is, not really. But To Kill a Mockingbird reminds me of my fondest home, and that’s my childhood home in Washington. That’s where I first read this book and truly fell in love with the written word. I’ve read this book in different stages in my life and it’s never failed to affect me emotionally and intellectually. No matter where I go and what place I call home, this book will always have a place on my shelf and in my heart.


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