Day 6: A Book That Makes You Sad


This is a beautifully written book and it never fails to make me cry each time I read it. Incredibly moving story but really sad.


7 thoughts on “Day 6: A Book That Makes You Sad

      • I… I decided to drop The Shinig and The Dark is Rising. The only books I haven’t read from the ones I loaned from you so pwede na ako makadaan! Woot! Siguro after ng Japan ko. Anyway, binabasa ko pa The Great Gatsby (nagkita na si Gatsby and Daisy!) and yung meron pa akong Remember Me :3

      • Haha, gonna be flying there next week, on the 18th! So stoke!

        And actually….. I didn’t expect imma like the book. I was expecting the worst since I’m not a big fan if Classics whatnot. Also expected some heavy writing but surprisingly, it wasn’t – never – a tough read for me. Already halfway through! Eep!

      • Just one week. Gonna go there mainly for BoA’s concert. Haha! YOLO!

        Im more than halfway sa book! And I only read when Im traveling. Haha! Will be able to finish it in no time :3

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