Still Summer


I’m back in California. My vacation in the Philippines, unfortunately, came to an end a few weeks ago. But I’m back in time to catch the end of summer, where the weather is warm enough and the days long enough to wear dresses like these.


I originally bought this dress to wear in Palawan because I thought it would be a perfect beach dress. But I overpacked a tiny bit for that trip and didn’t get to wear this. But no matter! Because it’s just as perfect to wear in the park.



The weather right now in the Bay Area is pretty much my ideal outside weather. It’s sunny but windy enough that being outside won’t melt you. Instead, you can take a stroll a park and read in the grass with sun on your skin and refreshing breeze to keep you cool. Perfect, right? It’s just the right time of year to have family picnics or to bring any kids in your life to the park so that they can take a break from iPad/video games and enjoy playing outdoors. In the meantime, you can sit and finish your summer reading. What’s mine?


Not-so-fun-fact: Fall semester at SJSU starts in a little over a week and I will be taking a Chaucer class. So here I am getting a little bit of a head start with Chaucer’s Complete Works.





Another great thing about Summer is the accessories you can wear with flowy, breezy dresses like this. I love this flower crown from Anagon. It makes me feel right at home amidst the grass and trees, like I’m channeling a wood nymph in me. And the white on white makes me feel a bit like a Grecian Goddess.


Hey, I can fantasize right? Lol





Every girl deserves to feel and look like a goddess once in awhile and these hi-low dresses are absolutely perfect for capturing that feeling.



I love the colored flower border on my Charlie sunglasses. It’s another accessory that screams Summer and it felt exactly right to pair it with my white dress, along with the flashes of pink on my bag, belt, and shoes. The pop of flashy pink color makes the dress seem less formal, less I’m-going-to-a-baptism or a party and more I’m-going-to-stroll-outdoors/I’ll-pop-by-a-mall-and-catch-the-end-of-season-sales. Lol, the latter would definitely be me if my vacation didn’t already pretty much bankrupt me.


Sad, I know. But on the bright side, my closet has been upgraded, which is good news for this blog. The dangling pearl charm bracelet was a gift from my sister-in-law, Ate Emma, who took these pictures. Finally I have someone in the house to share all my girly loves with like fashion and make-up. And someone who will oblige my taking a million photos of myself for this blog.


Dress by Papaya; Bag by Coach; Shoes from Nordstrom Rack; Flower Crown by Anagon; Sunglasses by Charlie’s Apparel; Rings by Forever 21

Photos by: Emma Ruth Maliksi

Edited by Me 🙂


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