Hong Kong Trip Part 3: Disneyland


Day 3 in Hong Kong was Disneyland! It’s funny, I live in California (North Cal, Bay Area) but in the 4 years that I’ve been living there, I have never been to Disneyland. Whenever I say something of the like, my parents insist that I’ve been to Disneyland, but that was when I was 3 or 4 years old! That doesn’t count, right? I remember nothing about that trip. I’ve been to Universal Studios a couple of times but never Disneyland. Which is a shame because I’m a total Disney girl at heart. And so, of course, one of the main reasons Kristine and I chose Hong Kong as our destination was so that we could visit Asia’s own Disneyland.

But first, back to the day or night before. We got back to the hotel at almost 9pm and Kristine and I immediately headed off to do more shopping. While I was able to buy shoes the day before, I didn’t get to buy much in the way of clothes and so I had nothing but shorts to wear at Disneyland the next day. We tried the Temple Street Night Market but only saw souvenier, jewelry, and other random stuff stalls. Not much in the way of clothes. We left and decided to try and find Argyle Center again. And finally, finally, we did find it! Yay!

The funny thing is that its actually right smack dab in the middle of two MTR exits. I don’t know how we could have missed it the previous day except that we just started walking down the wrong side of the street. *facepalms* Anyway, flush with victory, we prepared to do some major speed shopping as it was already 10pm and the Argyle Center closes at 11. As it turns out, the mall itself and some stores stay open until 12. I found a top and some shoes, and some purses. After perusing 2 levels, Kristine and I left, tired but relieved.

And just to prove how hopeless we are, we spent a good 15 minutes, going up and down the exact same escalator, lol. Why? Are we such childish fools that we’re hopelessly amused by an escalator? No, it wasn’t on purpose. We were trying to find same place we entered the mall in. After going up and down the same escalator and circling the same portion of the mall at least 5 times, like monkeys that can’t learn or what Einstein would classify as insane people (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results), we finally figured that the portion of the mall that we entered in must already be closed, as it was already 11:30 at that point and many of the places were closed or closing. Finally, we were able to get out of there and go home.

So yes, Disneyland!  We were there bright and early at 9am.


Of course, the first thing I did was buy Minnie ears. Who doesn’t want to walk through the park wearing Minnie ears? Lame people *coughKristinecough*. Hehe, kidding. After much internal debate, I decided on the pink sparkly ears. If/when I go to Disneyland CA, I’ll buy the classic Minnie ears. There was a 10% early bird sale going on at all of the stores that would only last until 11am. And so Kristine and I (and 85% of the theme park goers) decided to get all of our shopping over and done with.


And the very first thing that Kristine was a giant Woody doll. 😀 Hey, we don’t look twenty something (and perilously close to 30). As long as we’re young in looks, we might as well embrace it and be young at heart as well. 😀


Two hours, several happy Disneyland bags, and a much thinner wallet later, we rented a locker to leave our purchases and prepared to explore the park. But first we stumbled onto this lost children sign, which we thought was hilarious.  I mean, convenient as I’m sure kids get lost in the park all the time so there should be a place to bring them to, but still amusing. Just me? Heh. Yeah yeah, it wouldn’t be so funny if I had kids. Haha.


We stumbled onto a marching band of Filipinos! Kababayans! We actually walked past them and they called us back for a picture, as they must have immediately recognized us as Filipinos.


Onto the train! Kristine and I made a game plan for the day. Our bus pick-up time was at 9pm after the fireworks and since Disneyland is pretty small and won’t likely occupy us until night time, we decided to go around the park and then leave at 3pm to do more shopping at the Argyle Center. I know, I know, MORE shopping? But I didn’t have a whole lot of time the previous night and of course, as Filipinos, the hunt for pasalubongs doesn’t end until the trip does.


The day before, much to my frustration, I had forgotten my sunglasses at the hotel. But this day I came prepared with my Charlie sunnies. I also pinned my bangs back, as they irritated me to no end at Ocean Park. Sweat and bangs on your forehead? Not a great combination.



Our first stop, and Kristine’s reason for coming to Hong Kong, Toy Story Land! As you can probably tell from the giant Woody doll that she bought, Kristine is a huge fan of Toy Story. The last time she was in Hong Kong back in 2010 with her family, Toy Story Land wasn’t there yet. And so after it opened, a return visit was a must for her.



And yet, I’m the one that went photo crazy, lol. I posed on each one of those letters, btw. But I won’t spam you with that. Because we were on a timetable and because Kristine is a huge scaredy-cat (yeah, I said it), we didn’t go on any of the Toy Story rides.


On we went to Mystic Manor and the brand new, Asia exclusive Mystic Point ride. It’s so brand new that we were seeing commercials for it on TV at our hotel. And it’s an amazing ride. It’s not a roller coaster or anything but you get whirled around from room to room inside the Manor to different points in history and there are a lot of great effects. It’s pretty, interesting, surprising, and a smidge scary. Plus, the monkey was really cute. Okay, I know I’m not doing it justice with my description but I guess it’s one of those things you just have to experience. I so wanted to go on it again but alas, we had a schedule to stick to.



Next was Grizzly Gulch, the first roller coaster that I got Kristine to go on. And then we did the Jungle Ride, which wasn’t all that thrilling I have to say.


And so all morning that we were at the park, it was bright and sunny and so so hot. Kristine and I went into the restroom and right when we came out, it was raining. See the dark clouds? They came out of nowhere! The rain lasted for about 10 minutes and the sun came out again, allowing us to take this picture of the rather gloomy looking Sleeping Beauty castle.


I got Kristine to wear my Minnie ears! And she tried to say she didn’t wear them. The proof is in the picture! Muahahaha…

Afterwards, we went to our last stop, Space Mountain. The main attraction at the park, it had the longest line and we waited for around 30 minutes. After we got off the ride it was raining once again. It lasted for about 10-15 minutes but unfortunately it started raining again before we could leave the park. We tried to make it to the MTR under Kristine’s umbrella but couldn’t and so we took shelter at a sort of podium halfway between the park entrance and the MTR station, along with a lot of other people who had the same idea. We tried to wait it out, but when the rain showed no sign of slowing and or stopping, we just had to stop wasting precious shopping time and brave the rain with only Kristine’s umbrella for protection.

Several hours and several shopping bags later we made our way back to the park. It was nearing 8 at that point and the MTR leaving Disneyland was packed full, but going back to Disneyland at that hour, it was blissfully empty.


Kristine and I had one car all to ourselves. Ignore my sweaty, frazzled look. This is near the end of a very very long day.





The Mickey fountain is so beautiful at night. It changes colors!DSC_1087

See? Haha, I’m so amazed I can’t even look at the camera.

We went back into the park and got ready to watch the fireworks.


I adored this girl dressed as Snow White. Look at her boots! She’s so cute. And wow, already handling a DSLR camera. I don’t think I could even operate a Polaroid camera at that age lol.


Love my customized Kat necklace by Anagon.


And this UK flag purse that I found at the Argyle Center.



And the last thing we did was take pictures at the iconic Mickey Mouse head. So ends our day at Disneyland.


Denim shorts by Mango; necklace by Anagon; Sunglasses by Charlie; top, bag, and shoes from the Argyle Center Hong Kong


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