Hong Kong Trip 2013 Part 2: Ocean Park


Hello from London! Jk, I wish! Lol. This is still Hong Kong as you can probably tell from the posters on the wall.

This post is coming to you later than I planned but better late then never! I’ll continue my story about our second day in Hong Kong. After the city tour, Kristine and I were dropped off at Ocean Park. We ate at the Panda Cafe, which was overpriced but what else can you expect from an amusement park? And afterwards we went to go see some real live Pandas!




Well, we saw a panda. And mostly its butt, as it was turned away from us most of the time, like this:


Lol! But still, it was cute. And I got to take home a panda of my own! Sort of.


Isn’t he cute? His name is Kama. Well, Kristine named him “Kuma”, which means bear in Japanese. But then I called him “Kama”, which means bed in Tagalog lol, to tease her. And well now, I just like Kama. :p



Dolphins! I have a weird obsession with dolphins. I know, I have weird obsessions with lots of things. But yeah, I just love dolphins. They’re such cute, intelligent creatures. It’s my dream to one day do a swim with dolphins kind of thing. Let’s ignore the fact that I don’t know how to swim, kay? Lol.



We passed by this cool acrobatic show going on. That guy was literally doing flips in the air and landing on that bouncy stick thing. I mean, landing on a stable balance beam seems hard enough but on a thin landing target that moves? And look how high up he is! I’m in awe.


Old Hong Kong. I actually have no memory of passing through here at this time. I know that we did when we were on our way out of the park but I didn’t realized we had passed through twice until I saw this picture.


Mental blackout from the heat and fatigue? Or I think I just saw this phone box in the distance and didn’t see anything else, lol.



Haha, look at me. Like a little kid in a playground. Why the excitement over a red phonebooth? Well, another little tidbit about me is that I’m a huge Anglophile. I love almost everything and anything that has to do with the UK, especially their TV shows and music. It’s another dream of mine, along with the dolphin one, to go the UK one day.


A rickshaw! Okay, that’s enough of that. Time to go to the other side of the park…


Cable car time. Such a pretty view. See that roller coaster? Kristine didn’t want to go on it. 😦 Actually, we didn’t go on any rides except for the ferris wheel. Our time got eaten up by watching the dolphin show, walking, and taking pictures. Standing in line for 30+ minutes wasn’t really appealing when there was so much to see and do. Ocean Park should be a whole day thing if you really want to go on rides and visit all the exhibits.



The dolphin show! I couldn’t miss this. Even though we got heavily rained on while we were waiting for the show to start. Plus, it was even delayed because of the rain. We sat there and endured it for the dolphins. We had an umbrella but Kristine and I both still got soaking wet. And my House of Avenues shoes got to prove their worth because my feet stayed comfy and dry even though they got soaking wet in the rain. And there was no outside water damage either. But anyway, after about 20 to 30 minutes of rain, the sun came out again and the dolphin show started. Gah, they’re adorable. I’ve only ever seen them from afar though. One day I’ll get up close. One day…


The last thing we did was the North Pole exhibit. We had a choice between North and South and randomly chose North. Look how cute Kristine is with the big polar bear. 😀


Watching the Sea Lions. After this we made our way back to the other side of the park so that I could buy my Panda and still make it to our pick up place on time.

And that concludes our afternoon at Ocean Park. Next up: Disneyland!


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip 2013 Part 2: Ocean Park

    • That sounds like the smart way to do it. 😀 Unfortunately being park newbies that we were, every time we made a plan to go somewhere or do something, we would get distracted by something along the way which would delay or cancel our plan, lol.

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