Hong Kong Trip 2013 Part 1: City Tour


Hello! Greetings from…not Hong Kong. I’m back from my trip now and rested after 3 nights of getting next to no sleep. So, when I planned my trip to the Philippines months back one of my dad’s suhols to convince me to come (not that I needed much convincing, don’t tell him that! lol) was one out of Luzon beach trip and one out of country trip. I was trying to force Kristine (my best friend since high school, pictured above) to go to Palawan with me but when it came to ticket buying time, she preferred Hong Kong. But it worked out because my parents wanted to go to Palawan more than out of the country, so I got to go to Palawan with the parents and Hong Kong with Kristine.

It was a 4 day/3 night trip, we arrived at Hong Kong at around 1pm but by the time we made it out of the airport and to the hotel it was past 3pm, I think. Day 1 was the allotted shopping day and I had all our stops all planned out: Langham Place, Argyle Center, Miramar Center, Granville Road, and The One. Ambitious, no? Did we get to go to all those places? Lol nooooo. 😦 So many misadventures just on the first day!

First of all, our hotel in Kowloon was pretty far from the prime shopping centers such as Mongkok and Tsim Tsam Tsui. We had to take a bus to the nearest MTR station, Kowloon Tong, and that was about 15 minutes. And then we had to navigate the confusing MTR system during rush hour…on a Friday…during mall sales. Can you imagine? Riding the MTR really wasn’t all that different from riding the MRT that day. We got to Langham Place easy enough where I immediately found Monki and then McDonalds (more on why that was important in the next post). So after a little shopping and chowing down dinner, we headed out to find our next stop: Argyle Center.

We followed the MTR exit signs, we looked at a map…We couldn’t find the actual place. It didn’t help that I kept getting distracted by all of the SaSas and Bonjours that we passed, and there were a lot! We tried asking a couple of people but they said they didn’t know. Whether they actually didn’t know the Argyle Center by its English name or they didn’t want to muster up the energy to try and direct us English speaking, hopelessly confused tourists, I don’t know. I suspect its more of the latter, especially the saleslady that I asked at Etude House who gave me a curt “I don’t know”, after I purchased from her might I add. Anyways, after wandering the streets and unsuccessfully trying a few buildings, we gave up and headed to Tsim Tsam Tsui.

You see, finding the Argyle Center was more than just a passing shopping stop. In preparation for what I knew would be a major shopping spree on my part, I only packed 2 days worth of clothes and no comfortable shoes. And I desperately needed the shoes for Ocean Park and Disneyland. But alas, it was getting late and we were tired (Kristine was operating on no sleep, having headed to the airport right after her nightshift at work), so we had to give up. Since it was late by the time we got to TST, I decided to bypass our Granville Road stop. We found Miramar Center easily enough but after seeing that it was a mall not unlike Langham Place, and knowing that The One is a 29-floor mall, we just headed over to The One.

Inside The One I found Murua and Emoda and there was a sale (!!!). But even on sale, the clothes were still expensive so after looking around, I just settled on a simple but elegant black dress at Emoda. I wonder where I’ll wear it? Anyways, after wandering around far too much and getting more and more tired, we finally found a shoe store called House of Avenues that had the type of shoes that I was looking for. Unfortunately, the shoes were super expensive. HKD1,300 on sale! But this was my first day in HK so I wasn’t doing very well on budgeting my money. And I was tired and I knew that Kristine was about 10x more tired and sleepy than I was. AND the saleslady had made the effort to put extra padding into the shoes so that they would fit better/be more comfortable, and she had run across the mall to get me the size/color I wanted. So…I bought the shoes. *sobs* Byebye money.


Can you see the shoes?? I wanted the wedge sneakers with the hidden heel. Being the six footer that I am (as my dad calls me), I’m almost always in heels. And honestly, walking in flat shoes for long distances hurt my feet/ankles more than heels do because I’ve grown so accustomed to them. So yeah, these were the expensive, I only bought them because I was desperate, still slightly regret that decision, shoes. But I can’t say they aren’t worth the price because they got me through a full day of city tour and ocean park with only minimal foot aches. They were quite comfortable the whole day and proved to be waterproof.

So, first stop on our morning city tour the next day was Avenue of Stars. And of course, I took the time and opportunity to take the requisite fashion blog photos.


Amazing view. Not me! The buildings behind me, lol.But why am I looking down at the ground?


There you go, that’s better. :p



High five, pig! 😀 Ignore the round sticker near my right shoulder, that’s just what we were required to wear for the city tour.

One of the things I loved most about Hong Kong is how the girls dressed over there. From the streets, to the MTR, to Ocean Park, to Disneyland…the girls looked like they were dressed for runways or fashion magazines or blogs. And it’s not just their clothes, but how well put together they looked with their accessories and bags and shoes. And of course, how they walk; it’s always with confidence and purpose. Seriously, its like every other girl/woman on the street could be a model. Like this woman…


See? Such a cute dress and bag combo. And of course, the sunglasses even when the sun is playing peekaboo behind the clouds. Do you notice the dark rain clouds? It sporadically sprinkled/rained throughout the day. Making our Ocean Park afternoon a rather wet adventure. But more on that in the next post because this one is long enough already.


Geek cropped shirt by Topshop, Pants by Monki, Shoes by House of Avenues

Can you see the cats on my pants? Hee, they’re printed all over! They look so cute in person, it’s why I bought the pants. 😀 Stay tuned for my next post. Away to Ocean Park we go!

P.S. I just googled House of Avenues and it’s a local Hong Kong designer brand. Okay, I guess I can forgive the price. It was just a pretty hard surprise hit to my wallet on the very first day. But I do like supporting smaller, handcrafted brands whenever I can. Read about them here.


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