Her Dark Materials


Hello! I’m trying out this blog thing. Let’s see how it goes. I’m Kat, an English major at San Jose State University. I lovelovelove books and reading and I’m a hopeless book hoarder. I have a tendency to re-buy books I already have.

Exhibit A:


I just re-bought the His Dark Materials series even though I already have it. But I saw these at Fully Booked and I couldn’t help myself! First of all, they’re really pretty new colorful covers. Second, they have these new little extras in them. And third, they’re one of my favorite Young Adult series of all time and I really don’t need a reason beyond that. :p

Right now I’m in the Philippines while it’s summer vacation at school. I’m having a great time with my family and catching up with old friends. And I’m also super indulging in my other, more recent, passion: fashion. I didn’t take full outfit shots because there was a lot of people at Bonifacio High Street and I’m not so makapal mukha or uber confident that I can pose in front of all those people. So my friend and I just took these pictures at Seattle’s Best Coffee while waiting for out other friend. I admit, I follow and read a lot of Filipino fashion blogs and I’m not as tall and pretty and light skinned as most fashion bloggers but I do love clothes and make-up. And I love books. And I can’t choose between the two things to blog about so I’m just going to do both.

What you’ll see here on this blog will be a mix between outfit posts, book reviews, books bought posts, and make-up posts. I also have a side hobby of baking so you might see some baking or cooking posts squeezed in. Basically, this blog will just be me. I’m not going to try to specialize and limit my posts. If I do that I’ll probably get bored because I have such a short attention span.

It really is a shame though that I didn’t get to take outfit pictures because I do love this particular outfit, especially the leggings. You can’t see it very well but the leggings I’m wearing have the design of “Starry Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. Not by Picasso, as my friend so hilariously thought. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m obsessed with this painting, and with Van Gogh in general. I have a print of this painting for my apartment wall at SJSU and I have an umbrella that has the design on it as well. Don’t ask me where this obsession comes from, I don’t claim to be a big art expert but there’s something about Van Gogh’s paintings that draws me into them. So when I saw these leggings online I knew I had to have them.


Top by Papaya, leggings by Black Milk Clothing, watch by Tomato

And of course I can’t resist adding something geeky to my ensemble (not that literally wearing a painting isn’t geeky enough). Love this Star Wars watch face that I found at Tomato.


I admit, I can barely tell the time on this thing lol. But it’s cute! And You can switch out the watch face onto different colored straps so it’ll always match your outfit. More straps are definitely on my to buy list before I leave the Philippines.

So here was my first post. Til next time!


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